Visionary Maker Program

No longer will you be in the dark about the paths you have chosen in life or the decisions you have made, good or bad. Our program will give you the insight to understand “what makes you tick”, at the molecular-genetic level, and make micro-corrections to gradually bring yourself in line with your true potential and, ultimately, go beyond to an entirely new level of being, thinking, and functioning.

The Visionary Maker program is broken down into five primary phases that gradually and progressively take you through the process of discovery, analysis, and protocol design for optimal psycho-physical health.

phase-iPhase I – Discover Your DNA Blueprint

Your journey begins with a comprehensive analysis of your genetic template. After answering a brief intake questionnaire to assess your physical and mental health, your results from a DNA analysis service such as 23andMe, Gene by Gene, or Ancestry DNA are used to make initial correlations with any current challenges you may be experiencing. Analysis will continue by processing your SNPs through our extensive database of medical,  biological, and genetic data to uncover your dietary and lifestyle risk factors. 

At the completion of the process, you will be presented with a customized, comprehensive report showing perceived roadblocks in all the major pathways of your body. The most significant areas include:

  • Aging and longevity
  • Immune response
  • Endocrine health
  • Neurotransmitter function
  • Cardiovascular
  • Digestive and excretory
  • Circadian rhythm
  • Methylation
  • Detoxification pathways
  • Risk for substance abuse
  • Vitamin absorption
  • Mitochondrial health
What you will receive: A final report that includes basic recommendations for supporting your genetic weaknesses and workaround risk factors with diet, supplementation, and lifestyle adjustments. Special focus will also be put on your mental health and how you can improve / optimize mood, sleep, and overall cognitive function.

phase-ii-healthPhase II – Assess Psycho-Physical Status

Once your genetic template has been established, we will shift to a comprehensive analysis of your medical history, including any existing labs, tests, or studies you have had. At this stage, we will pay extremely close attention to your family’s physical and mental health history, challenges you may have experienced throughout your life, and any recurring symptoms or issues that have proven challenging for your health care providers. 

The goal of this stage is to establish your “baseline” for optimal health. Your diet, lifestyle, supplementation, relationships, work / sleep patterns, and overall psychological adaptations to life will be carefully reviewed. All potential areas for improvement and optimization will be identified and eventually incorporated into a complete protocol for psycho-physical transformation (in Phase IV). 

Some of the areas we address with clients are:

  • Weight optimization
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Alcohol and drug dependence
  • Brain fog and cognitive impairment
  • Chronic fatigue and low energy
  • Sleep cycle optimization
  • Comprehensive detoxification
  • Customized dietary protocols
  • Gut issues (IBS, GERD, SIBO)
  • Thyroid and adrenal function
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Hormone optimization
  • Allergy mitigation strategies
  • Body and brain inflammation
  • Pain reduction / elimination
  • Stress Management

What you will receive: A formal analysis of previous history, medical labs, and tests correlated to your DNA blueprint. The report will include a concise list of opportunities for improvement of your current physiological and psychological state, including a specific address of any issues that are of greatest importance to you. A detailed dietary, supplemental, and lifestyle protocol is not developed until Phase IV. Phase III is primarily concerned with identifying your current health status and briefly touching upon which of your genes play the most significant role in your life.

phase-iii-goalsPhase III – Set Goals

After a baseline for your optimal health has been implemented and results are progressively realized, we will turn to the radical enhancement of your body and brain to accommodate higher states of being, thinking, and functioning. In this phase, we will benchmark your physical and cognitive performance and work toward explicitly defining your strengths and weaknesses. You will participate in guided experiments and an assorted array of tests to uncover opportunities for psycho-physical enhancement.

An example of some of the goals our clients have established:

  • Biological age reversal (hormones, libido, motivation, energy)
  • Strengthening of memory (working, short, and long-term)
  • Left-brain / right-brain balance and integration
  • Enhanced motor skills and sports performance
  • Speed reading and accelerated information processing
  • Advanced problem resolution techniques
  • Development of intuition, empathy, and compassion
  • Brain re-modeling with advanced meditation and neurofeedback
  • Idea generation and elaboration
  • Radical enhancement of creative potential and inspiration-on-demand
  • Accelerated language acquisition
  • Development of higher artistic capabilities (painting, music, performance art)

What you will receive: A report comparing your physical and cognitive performance to other people in your age group. The report will detail both your significant areas of weakness and of strength correlated to the goals we have set in our brainstorming session(s). Additional optional goals will be proposed that either closely align to your chosen goals or in some way support your weaknesses or augment your strengths.


Phase IV – Close the Gaps

In this phase, we perform a complete review of your progress to date and identify any areas that still require adjustment or enhancement. We perform one or more cycles of goals revision that progressively reflect your changing capabilities and psycho-physical well-being. Our focus at this stage is targeted more intensely on designing a detailed protocol for realizing those goals and identifying opportunities for additional expansion.

What you will receive: A concise implementation plan will be developed that will allow you to not only increase psycho-physical performance but also practically and efficiently apply new skills and capabilities to your life and work. You will be given the tools you need to revise your diet, adjust your lifestyle incrementally, and adapt to a new rhythm of productivity, creativity, and ingenuity.

phase-v-climb-the-mountainPhase V – Climb the Mountain

Now that you have achieved optimal health and well-being, defined concrete goals for your life and work, and addressed all gaps in physical, psychological, and cognitive function, we will embark on the most exciting part of the Visionary Maker program – elaborating advanced protocols for radical enhancement of body and mind and establishing a plan for active participation in society as a “visionary” leader.

The foundation for this phase begins with the integration of personality test results (e.g. Meyers Briggs, MMPI, Five Factor Model) into a holistic “blueprint” that will be used to create your current psychological, mental, and intellectual model. Using this model, we will explore the 13 areas of humanity in which the World Visionary Society is active (e.g. World Peace, Infinite Energy, Communications, Transportation, Architecture, etc.) to discover new directions for your psychological and intellectual development. Based on the selection of your preferred area of interest, we will work together to set goals for this development that can be either integrated with your current life and work or used to radically re-design  your life from the bottom up. You will be assigned a specific regimen of study, exercises, and experiments that will culminate in the attainment of new levels of cognitive expression.

What you will receive: One-on-one guidance and mentoring in stepping beyond your perceived psycho-physical limitations to imagine, materialize, and execute new ideas and projects. You will be presented with a projected timeline for transition from a “baseline individual model” to a “visionary model” that progressively elaborates the skills you learned and practiced in Phase V. At the end of this phase, you will be prepared to fully realize your greatest potential as a visionary leader or go beyond that potential by re-designing your life from the bottom up.

Phase VI - Recreate Your Life

Phase VI – Re-Create Your Life

This is where all the various components of the Visionary Maker program come together. At this stage, you will be at a level of physical and mental performance that many people only dream of. We will review the progression of your transformation from the very beginning to celebrate milestones and assess your current direction and life goals. In Phase VI, you will already have a clear vision of what area of society you are or will become active in.

It is at this time that you will guided through the development of a detailed plan of action which will be used to execute your revised goals. All protocols will be reviewed, revised, and further elaborated as required to ensure consistent maintenance of your new level of physical and cognitive performance. 

What you will receive: A complete collection of all protocols to date, revised for compatibility with your enhanced goals, including a concise plan for integration of life and work. You will also be eligible for formal induction into the World Visionary Society as a master-teacher in the area of influence that you have chosen for your entrepreneurial and / or philanthropic activities. You will be introduced to the Master-Teacher Program which involves the study and application of higher states of consciousness for the realization of solutions to world problems (details available on request).

Are you ready to begin what could be the greatest journey of your lifetime?