13 Areas of Influence

Never before in the history of humankind has our capability for global change been so powerful as it is as this very moment. Neither has our possibility for mass destruction and chaos ever been so threatening. We have developed our cognitive minds and abilities to such a heightened degree, that our technologies have long overrun our basic intellectual and emotional ability to use them wisely.

Though we are able to fly around the word in a matter of hours, communicate with anyone anywhere with handheld devices, and enjoy greater personal freedoms than ever before, we have paid a profoundly heavy price for these achievements. This price is none other than the forfeiture of the knowledge of Who we are and What we are truly capable of.

We have uprooted ourselves so thoroughly from the depths of our True Being that we have not only become absolutely divorced from the planet that sustains our very life — we have also created a world whose priority is personal stimulation and consolation over and against a connection with the very secret that would save us. The World Visionary Society was created with the purpose of making this secret known, tangibly and irreversibly.

There is no shortage of people on this planet that understand the predicament we are in and the enormous responsibility we hold in our hands if we are to not only survive but truly thrive. Nonetheless, the human world has become habituated to problem resolution via the manipulation of people, circumstances, events, and all other manner of concrete phenomena while all the while existing in a deep state of amnesia. Awakening from this amnesia is absolutely paramount to taking the next step in not only the human story but also what is beyond it.

The World Visionary Society offers a radically different approach. It is more than an approach; it is a way of life. We believe that in order to create world change, there must be the radical transformation of a critical mass of human beings. These human beings must re-awaken from the nightmare perceptions of cognitive mind and become re-established in the endless and infinitely powerful depth of the True Self. By removing all conscious and subconscious misperceptions, presumptions, dependencies, and illusions, our visionaries will become active in world through the 13 areas of humanity we have established as our domains of influence. Our visionaries are not simply great thinkers. They are great realizers — individuals that have experienced a remembering that has freed them from the burden of personal struggle into an electrified, vibrant, and infinitely creative self. This self is free of discomfort and suffering, capable of confronting and resolving any conflict. Living in this state, we shape the future of humanity with the ease and assuredness of a sculptor and his clay.

The Direct Path to a Visionary Life

Our Society has been established not only on elaborate scientific principles, but also on the basis of an embrace of all possible states of mind and being as present in modern human cultures. The culmination of this work is a comprehensive, systemically elaborated path of self-discovery that begins in the foundations of human biology. The Visionary Maker Program is the first step on this path and completes the foundation work to become a formal member and, potentially, Master-Teacher.

After induction into the Society, members and Master-Teachers are encouraged to select the area in which they desire to become active. They are guided beyond the foundations of body-mind optimization into a progressively deeper process of psycho-physical purification, transformation, and eventual realization. Every area of life– from the physical to the emotional, mental, and transpersonal– is taken into account as new members and Master-Teachers find their calling and select their area of influence within humanity. As they progress on the path to mastery, their purpose is progressively contemplated, expanded, and elaborated into concrete, executable plans. Upon attainment of mastery, these plans are forged into projects with specific parameters for funding, resources, and sociopolitical collaboration. 

Each of our 13 areas of influence are elaborated below along with core conceptions that must be understood in order to realize solutions and innovations in that category. The logic or principles behind these conceptions may not be immediately obvious and could potentially provoke a reaction in you. With time, as you become more acquainted with our process, you will begin to resonate with the message. If you are interested in taking your first step on the visionary path as a member of our Society, you are encouraged to read more about our introductory Visionary Maker Program.

In the coming year, we are planning the launch of our member portal which will allow visionaries to exchange ideas and support each other in their process of growth and discovery.

Global Change in World PeaceWorld Peace

As humanity steps into the 21st century, we are witness to an ever-growing chasm between our advances in science and the realization of global happiness and peace. Despite all the progress we have realized over the last 100 years, human beings continue to suffer profoundly from what may be summarized as acute self definition.

What exactly is self definition and how could it possibly summarize the absence of world peace? The answer is simple. Every human being exists, moment to moment, in varying degrees of self awareness. Awareness of oneself is not the root of the problem. The problem arises from the extension of self awareness as we to search for consolation and belonging in our environment. By painting pictures of ourselves physically and mentally, we create a map of what is desired and what is worthy of rejection. The ways we paint these pictures are endless.

Every individual is defined by a myriad of influences which guide their self perceptions. These perceptions are intimately connected with the family or tribe and gradually shaped by cultural beliefs and heritage, psychological history of one’s country, and the degree of personal exposure to external influences. Add to this the traumas and difficulties experienced in childhood and pre-adulthood, and you have a very distinct personality, apparently solid and predictable. Depending on the stability of this self perception, we walk through the world with everything from trust and love to hatred and suspicion.

The inadequacy of human emotional adaptations in the world at large should be obvious to all but the most brazen individual. Humanity has mistakenly assumed that scientific and technological sophistication is a valid sign of human maturity. In reality, it is the result of an exaggerated development of human cognition, divorced from its source and present environment, manipulating and controlling everything that appears to be external (people, places, and things). Truly, the more we attempt to control, the more we push ourselves farther away from the understanding that we are not independent and self-sufficient as a species. There are sufficient signs in the world, not only in the human sphere, but in the realm of nature, that are clearly showing us, dramatically, how far we have strayed from our roots.

As a result of abandoning our symbiotic relationship to each other and to the planet that sustains us, world peace has been elusive. It doesn’t matter how much we know about the mechanics of our perceived reality. A human being full of knowledge but divorced from the source of existence is nothing more than a complex biological machine, processing information for the organization and control of environmental outcomes. We have forgotten what the human body is as a result of cognitive over-analysis of the physical parameters of reality. We presume these bodies, these vehicles of expression, to be sacrosanct and worthy of perpetuity when truly, their existence in the world is but a moment’s flash. Knowing this should breed deep humility and an open-hearted, vulnerable approach to life and human relationships. Instead, we have indulged in an obsession with mortality and perceived limitation, leading to increased fear, hatred, and aggression.

The human race has been riding the wave of science and technology to great material ends. Now we must ride the wave back to our primordial origin and begin the great work of merging these heretofore separate universes: the universe of science and the universe of infinite being. We must awaken to the imbalance we are suffering through exaggerated focus on bodily comfort and emotional stimulation and realize that they are only part of the picture. If you are defined by nothing more than your desire for the goods of life, you are incomplete. You are spiraling further into a dream over which you have no control. The dream is controlling you. The compassion of which our great spiritual teachers speak is impossible as long as we are asleep, moving from one fleeting experience to the next.

Our world has fallen into the mood of suspicion and distrust, sensing enemies all around. These enemies arise from fear and distrust of those people that are not part of our immediate circle of family, friends, associates, or whatever other walls of self definition we have built around us. We have forgotten that the human race is our family, beyond all segregation or personal differences. Our differences are only superficial, yet they seem pertinent to us because we, ourselves, are living superficial, materialistic lives, even within the context of religious and spiritual practices.

If we are to go beyond the current global mood of distrust, hatred, and fear, a foundation must be laid for systematic and comprehensive transformation of every individual, regardless of upbringing, race, beliefs, or psychological disposition. This transformation must be universally available and applicable, regardless of an individual’s circumstances. The need for psycho-physical purification and optimization in every human being’s case is unavoidable. There are countless philosophies and ways of life present in our world today that would offer this opportunity. The World Visionary Society, at its core, is the establishment of a completely new order of living that would merge and expand all such philosophies, uniting materialism and spirituality in ways that are mutually acceptable to individuals of all walks of life.

It could be said that World Peace is the domain senior to all other areas of influence within humanity. All of our Society’s work and activity in each of these areas is based on the ultimate presumption of peace, joy, and love as the defining characteristics of not simply the human race but of the entire manifest universe.

Master-Teachers in the World Visionary Society that choose World Peace as their area of influence are, in fact, the guiding force behind all other domains. They understand, deeply, that every apparent experience is a manifestation of one, unbroken, Universal Mind. Every person, place, and event that we observe in the world through our senses (including our own body and brain) is a projection of an infinite and perfectly whole being. Therefore, if we experience violence, separation, and limitation, it is not the nature of reality but rather the projected visions Our Mind, having lost Itself in its own magnificent but horrific dream. Such conceptions have been repeated through time immemorial, yet only a handful of people in every generation actually awaken to this realization, beyond mental philosophy.

Truly, as long as you perceive an other as separate from you as opposed to arising from the same One that is your source and reason for existing, there will be tension and discomfort. The only appropriate action, while the other is presumed to be real, is to increase transparency to your True Self and give the abundance, bliss, and freedom that comes from It to all that you encounter. It is in support of this very giving, sharing activity that our visionaries are active in the world. We understand that world peace can only be realized by removing misperception and illusion in the conscious mind and heart of every single apparent individual.

We acknowledge that the most penetrating and lasting global change comes through individuals that have complete control over their sexuality and have eradicated fear at all levels of their being. Our Master-Teachers have dissolved all artificial illusions of self perception and stand firmly in an unbroken channel of awareness between the subconscious and conscious mind. In this state, we enjoy a vibrant, infinite flow of creativity and address all problems with poise and wisdom. The nightmare visions of time and space are ultimately seen to be illusory, never assumed to be stable or irreversible. Though our teachers are active within the 13 areas of influence, working with the collective, reinforcing beliefs of humanity, they are not focused in the problems themselves. Rather, we make use of problems as a contrasting mechanism for the realization of transcendental, holistic solutions and innovations.

The greatest and most mysterious secret of all is that the entire spectrum of time and space is coincident. All possibilities are already realized and fully expanded. World peace and all symbols of peace pre-exist in a perfection incomprehensible to the human mind. It is precisely the human mind – the dreaming mechanism – that is misperceiving reality in this very moment (the only moment), serializing thoughts into finite dimensions and separating those thoughts across time and space. Every minute detail in the presumed past as well as every possible outcome in your personal future is present at the depth of your conscious being, outside the deep hypnosis of bodily existence. Nonetheless, the motive to experience this world cannot be denied. What must be denied, however, is the illusion that we have no control over our experience. All disease, pain, and suffering can be eradicated from humanity. And the means for this eradication is much closer and tangible than one might ever assume.

Core Concepts for Global Change in this Area

  • Conflict resolution, management, or transformation are not efficient means for invoking lasting peace
  • Peace cannot be realized through the adoption of political ideologies
  • The eradication of fear is senior to the possibility for self-destruction
  • Cultural and religious tolerance are inadequate substitutes for love and compassion
  • The desire for happiness is ubiquitous, even in apparently evil or destructive people
  • Love and compassion can be more powerful than violence and hatred
  • Humanity has the ability to affect world events without manipulating their causes
  • Lack of peace in the present is not necessarily a result of effects from the past
  • Human beings are intrinsically generous and trustworthy

Global Change in Transcendent ArtsTranscendent Arts

It could be said that all creative processes culminate in the expression of a finite set of thoughts and ideas. Regardless of whether or not such ideas are formally called art, they are nonetheless a form of artistic manifestation. Over the course of human history, we have adopted an interpretation of art that identifies creative products by their non-functional, abstract nature. In other words, if the creative process yields something to be purely experienced and interpreted rather than objectively used in day to day life, it has crossed over into the common definition of artistic expression.

Nonetheless, humanity continues to blur the lines between function and aesthetics in all areas of society, opening doors to new interpretations of what may be labeled as art. Many in the world today presume that art is merely the combination of applied skill and creative imagination, regardless of its product. Such imagination, according to the most common understanding, tends to reflect ideas, thoughts, and feelings as they relate to the human brain and, by extension, the five senses of the human body. Even in contemporary abstract artistic expression, there still exists the subconscious presumption of perception through the filter of the brain, even via a wide variety of internal and external permutations.

Our vision of transcendent art is one in which human beings, transparent to the infinite depth of their True Self, are conceiving, realizing, and creating, in the present moment, as a direct reflection of the state prior to mind and thought. In this way, transcendent art is able to draw its participants out of the hypnosis of day to day, brain-body based living and into a greater reality; a reality of coincidence, synchronicity, and multi-dimensional consciousness. Performance arts such as live dance, theatre, and music carry the possibility of ultra-amplified transmission of this state, though even static (non-performance) works of painting, photography, and film can convey the vision as well.

Ultimately, in order for there to be global change in this area, all arts must be transcendent. Such art must possess the capability to collapse time and space, thus going beyond serialized moments of perception. In doing so, it opens the possibility of transmission to a wider audience of people than are physically present in the particular time and place the artistic product is encountered. Works of transcendent art embody love, joy, and all other finite human experiences that express the infinite and are our constant reminder of Who we are and Why we are here.

Core Concepts for Global Change in this Area

  • Creative imagination is not exclusively a function of the brain
  • Art should not be perceived as an obvious or natural escape from reality
  • Entertainment cannot thoroughly distract us from pain and limitation
  • Masterworks must be created as a compassionate sacrifice to humanity rather than as a means to immortality
  • Transcendent art, by its very nature, cannot be a dumping ground for frustration

Global Change in Health and WellbeingHealth and Wellbeing

This area of influence is the foundation of our Society and has been implemented as the Visionary Maker Program. Through a guided, 5-phase process, participants gain deeper control over the natural biological processes of the body and brain, reversing aging and enlivening the being. This sets the stage for formal induction into the World Visionary Society as a member with subsequent access to additional stages of guidance. These stages are defined by eradication of psycho-physical aberrations such as imbalances in sexuality and emotion. 

Our vision of global change in the area of health and wellbeing encompasses a future free of disease and the need for external medical care. Further, by means of a strengthened channel between the conscious and subconscious mind, we avoid all manner of accidents and negative events, and are in perpetual harmony with our perceived environment, receiving everything necessary for vital sexuality, nutrition, and physical strength. Meditation as a remedy or search is no longer practiced. Rather, we exist in a constant and perpetual resonance with the Universal Mind, and embrace every perceived obstacle or hindrance as a means for progression.

As the world is gradually transformed by this vision, we will continue to encounter disease, toxicity, degenerative aging, sexual oppression, malnutrition, and physical and mental imbalances of all kinds. Our work is to reinforce, through thought and action, the opposites of these states while conceiving solutions to the problems they represent. As a greater number of people become aware of the Society and the frequency and intensity of our influence is amplified, many problems will automatically disappear through non-attention and lack of reinforcement. Master-Teachers that are active in this field will move with the constant vision of the end result in mind and restore power over the mind to the masses.

Core Concepts for Global Change in this Area

  • Disease is not exclusively the result of genetic and environmental factors
  • Humans need not lose physical and mental vitality with age and become more susceptible to illness
  • Sexual libido is only a small part of a larger current of creativity that does not depend on hormones / neurotransmitters
  • Intensity and duration of physical activity need not be limited by our evolutionary biology
  • Mental illness is not necessarily a life-long diagnosis
  • Humans may be fully functional in the world while in transcendent states of consciousness
  • The brain is not the seat of consciousness but rather a receiver and transducer of consciousness
  • Meditation as a means to transcendental realization is a primitive artifact of Homo Sapien evolution

Global Change in Children's Education
Children’s Education

Childhood is a time when human beings are most impressionable. The majority of inadequate or negative imprinting that we carry into adulthood happens during these early years. We are silently indoctrinated, and thus programmed, by the limitations and misperceptions of our parents, guardians, teachers, early-life friends, and media from endless sources.

Our vision of global change in the area of child development is one in which more and more people are attaining complete mastery in our way of life prior to the consideration of bringing a child into the world. Hence, the strongest and most indelible imprints will be made in the child’s home, giving her the capacity to enter the world and its educational systems free of the typical neuroses and mental imbalances of many modern children. Individuals that already have children will still be able to invoke profound transformations in their families by becoming purified, optimized, and realized. They will discover that many of the issues their child may face in friendships, school studies, and other areas of life are intimately connected with their perception of reality and their degree of freedom from illusions. In most cases, such problems can be mitigated and may even entirely disappear according to the intensity with which our practices are applied.

The future of children’s education, from the vantage point of our Society, is full of profound possibilities. Children will no longer be bound to rigid, uninspired schedules of study and will have access to a global curriculum of ideas and topics. They will become increasingly connected, directly in their homes and classrooms, with teachers and students the world over. Multilingual studies will be mandatory at an early age with frequent exposure to native speakers. Awareness of the depth and variety of world cultures will be intrinsic to all education. Children will receive their first exposure to transcendent art through our community of Master-Teachers, broadening the horizons of their imagination and initiating them, even from birth, in a way of life inspired and guided by the deepest levels of conscious being.

Ours is the vision of a world where every child receives everything required for their complete development, regardless of their social status or circumstances of life. More and more children will be given the gift of spending their early years not simply with their biological or adopted parents but also within a community of enlightened teachers that have been freed from the past, vibrantly alive in the present, and capable of forging any future imaginable.

Core Concepts for Global Change in this Area

  • There are abundant resources available to provide high-quality education to every child
  • Children are entirely capable of choosing the subjects of study that would best serve them
  • A well-rounded education is not necessary for every child in order that they might succeed in life
  • Following one’s passion and bliss are of far greater importance than financial stability and wealth
  • People may make meaningful contributions to society without education from formal institutions
  • All that can and need be learned in life is not the exclusive domain of the world
  • Learning disabilities are not exclusively genetic or caused by environmental influences
  • Common measurements of intelligence are not a reliable indicator of a person’s abilities
  • Children of perceived low intelligence do not necessarily represent a future burden to society
  • Genius is not entirely hereditary, and we should encourage children to believe it can be invoked

Global Change in EnergyInfinite Energy

At the present time, humanity at large has not awakened from the hypnotic activity of objective analysis through the five senses of the body and its brain. All speculations on the nature of energy and the behavior of the observed universe, regardless of their degree of abstraction, are still rooted in and inextricably linked to the human process of serialized experience in space and time. As of late, there has been a certain amount of intersection in the worlds of quantum physics and spirituality, but even this “meeting of the minds” is not entirely liberated from the limiting and filtering function of the human brain. And how could it be?

Modern theoretical physics, though still clinging to the law of conservation of energy (that matter can neither be created nor destroyed), is nonetheless discovering notable anomalies in their theories. In particular, dark energy has been postulated to permeate all of space, tending to accelerate the expansion of the universe. As practitioners in our Society will find through direct non-local / non- brain-originating experience, all apparently static laws of physics, scientific postulations of the nature of time and space, and ultimately, the relationship of the observer to the observed is a holographic illusion of a finite universe arising from the abstract infinite, which is our only true state. Laws are static only by virtue of the discrete, serialized, and consistent activity of focused thought, directed into time and space by the apparently constraining channel of mind.

Our vision of global change in the area of energy and its uses for humanity is founded on the tenet that thought is energy, and though its origin is infinite, it can be “apparently” created and destroyed. By “apparent”, we mean that the laws of physics in the world as we perceive them are held in place only by a collective and perpetual mass hypnosis; that is, hypnosis as the focus of thought into a finite form in space and time to the exclusion of all other contradicting thoughts. To put it in layman’s terms, the universe is being dreamt up as we go along. Objective analysis of the apparent laws of nature, both planetary and universal, is an inherently deluded activity, leading to an ever increasing realization that your subjective experience is your objective creation. In this sense, our current conceptions surrounding energy production are defined by the feedback loop between the apparent laws of quantum physics and our subjective notions of their stability.

All universal laws, conceived and contemplated by human beings, are a product of their collective perception. While we must implement guideposts to find our way “through the darkness”, this should in no way limit the development of our capacity to transcend collectively accepted paradigms. This will necessarily require an uncoupling of our cognitive processes from the multi-dimensional field in which they are arising, allowing a new awareness to develop. As we grow together in this awareness, the realization that we are the results of our thoughts will open new vistas and dimensions to the nature of energy and the means by which it can, truly, be created rather than merely transformed.

Core Concepts for Global Change in this Area

  • Objects may move without another (separate) force acting upon them
  • Actions are not always accompanied by equal and opposite reactions
  • Objects with mass may, under certain quantum conditions, repel each other
  • Energy may be both created and destroyed
  • Energy sources may be utilized without creating entropy
  • The speed of light is not constant
  • It is impossible to completely understand the manifest universe via the human brain or five senses
  • Comprehension of infinity may not be approached via abstract theories
  • The observer and physical processes observed in an experiment are not discrete
  • The human body and brain are not physically located within the manifest universe

Global Change in Ecology and SustainabilityEcology and Sustainability

As the world’s human population grows, so do its demands on available resources and the resulting effect on the planetary environment. Previously flourishing ecosystems are becoming increasingly threatened by global use of fossil fuels, rapid expansion of urban centers, and release of toxic chemicals from industrial complexes. In our desire to improve the quality of human life, we have consistently ignored the effects our practices are having on the planetary organism and its vast variety of other life forms. As a consequence, we are now faced with complex challenges in the areas of urban expansion, production of domestic goods, transportation, increasing levels of unrecyclable waste, and a gradually deteriorating quality of water and air across the globe.

Individuals, organizations, and concerned groups are doing what they can to turn the tides and increase awareness of the challenges we face. Nonetheless, there still exists neither a universally accepted definition of sustainability nor widespread acceptance of the need to put long-term solutions in place that will ensure a healthy life for future generations. Methods such as the Circles of Sustainability have been defined in great detail, yet most governing bodies and organizations are reluctant to invest the required commitment of time and expertise to implement them. Further, these organizations are concerned that such methods may not be ultimately useful for more complex problems involving multiple domains such as economics and politics.

We are moving into a time in human history when the depth and complexity of our challenges with ecological sustainability are growing in proportion to our technological advancement. Our vision for global change in this area is one in which awakened, enlightened Master-Teachers with deep knowledge of ecology and sustainability practices will conceive and define a holistic, flexible, and expandable model of global sustainability – a model which will take into account the environmental, economic, and social dimensions of our challenges while also detailing the apparent cause and effect relationships of each sub-domain. Because of our shift in perception about the true nature of reality we will enjoy increased capability to envision solutions that go beyond the universally accepted laws and frameworks of the past, thus increasing the quality of human life in harmony with all other ecosystems involved. No longer will we live in conflict with our environment but be acutely in tune with our mutual needs.

Core Concepts for Global Change in this Area

  • Environmental degradation is not necessarily a result of sustainable development
  • The quantity and variety of biophysical resources is infinite and changeable
  • Population and its level of resource consumption may be uncoupled from environmental impact
  • Consistently high living standards around the globe are potentially sustainable
  • The Earth is approaching a state shift in its biosphere as a result of overpopulation
  • Sudden shifts in climate are possible but potentially reversible
  • The quantity of freshwater around the globe is potentially infinite
  • Energy may be both created and destroyed (see the discussion on Infinite Energy)
  • There are abundant reuse (or transformation) alternatives for non-recyclable waste
  • Improving quality of human life does not necessarily carry the risk of ecological scarcity

Global Change in CommunicationsCommunications

Communications, in the realm of ordinary human experience, are limited to the exchange of thoughts via speech, visual displays and signals, and written language. Further, abstract or non-verbal exchange of thought is also commonplace in music, sound, and other sensory media. Throughout history, however, there have been a small percentage of human beings that claim to possess extrasensory perception, but evidence of such abilities has been elusive in the realm of scientific analysis. Though many people will confess in a belief of communicatory capabilities beyond the parameters of the five senses, their personal experience is usually shrouded in coincidence, synchronicity, and a variety of contraindicating factors that can be interpreted from multiple points of view. In summary, telepathy and other forms of extrasensory communication are, to this day, not accepted nor experienced by the majority of human beings living on this planet. One could say that the public at large perceives such communication as the experience of gullible, impressionable, unscientific and weak-minded individuals. The reason for this public perception is simple.

Humanity creates its reality, moment to moment, through its collective beliefs and presumptions regarding the nature of consciousness. The conscious mind is merely a focused mechanism, finding its embodiment in the human brain. It can be turned to the holographic images it is projecting in the form of subjective experience in the world or shifted to the origin of those images, the mind itself. Such statements may seem radical and even ludicrous to the individual that has never experienced anything other than the apparent reality of the five senses. The fact remains that a growing number of individuals in the human population are beginning to understand the mechanism of consciousness and the profound effect it may have on perception and subjective experience, even in concrete physical terms. The reason such understanding is not mainstream is because the collective human awareness of reality does not make provisions for such a belief. 

Our vision of global change in the area of communications is one in which we rely less and less on the gross physical means for thought transmission. This may seem to run counter to the trends in mobile computing we are seeing in the world as of late. Not to worry – these trends will continue, due to the stubbornness of the public at large to release dependence on external thought streams. Master-Teachers active in this area of influence will become agents of transformation in the quality and intensity of mass media, including the development of superluminal communication using emerging insights in the realm of quantum physics. At some point, however, it will become clear that the further we progress in our understanding of the flexibility and non-linear nature of physical laws, the deeper we will be released of the belief in their static reality in time and space. As such, the realm of communication will shift from using artificially conceived devices to receive and transmit information, shifting instead to the human brain and beyond.

Quantum-entanged transmission is the fundamental form of communication at the heart of our movement and way of life. This transmission exists outside the constructs of time and space and thus beyond the cognitive structures of the human mind. Translated into thought-form, it could be described as superluminal telepathy. It manifests in physical reality only by the distant imprint it leaves in the fabric of the brain’s neural web. Only this delicate almost undetectable imprint can be cognized and remembered in the form of conscious thought. All other phenomena that would seem to be the effects of transmission in the conscious mind are, in fact, simply the movement of the autonomous optimization process.  Ultimately, the transmission is not occurring in time and space but rather in and as the infinite depth of being that is the very identity of every apparently discrete mind. Though the discrete mind cannot comprehend transmission, it can be realized existentially by virtue of it being the root essence of that very separate mind.

Core Concepts for Global Change in this Area

  • Thoughts arise independent of the activity of the human brain
  • Transforming and directing energy is not the only means for exchanging information
  • Communication must ultimately be unbound and unfiltered by the mechanisms through which it operates
  • Lack of evidence demonstrating extrasensory capabilities is insufficient cause to ignore their future possibility
  • Invisible waves of energy may be detected and processed by mechanisms other than man-made devices
  • Exploring modes of communication which we do not cognitively understand is necessary for human evolution
  • Thoughts do not end when synapses in the brain cease to connect
  • All sensory perception is the direct result of thought, not the other way around

Global Change in TransportationTransportation

Almost no one in the modern world can dispute how vital and indispensable transportation has become for everything from doing business, visiting family and friends, to sending goods both near and far. There is virtually no area of society that it does not touch. We have become so accustomed to expedient acquisition of everything we want, how and when we desire it, that to imagine a world without trains, trucks, cars, ships and airplanes is simply unthinkable. Unfortunately, transport infrastructure continues to expand, while still relying primarily on fossil fuels and forms of energy that are derived from them. Further, an increasing trend toward personal automobile ownership, particularly in developing countries, is only intensifying congestion and pollution issues across our global transportation infrastructures. Fortunately, many people are coming together to envision viable plans for the future that can both satisfy our needs for mobility and free exchange while effectively mitigating the effects on the environment and on our quality of life.

As with every other area of humanity within which our organization desires to become active, we focus less on the apparent configuration of problems and issues and more on the desired results. We do this with the understanding that our collective thoughts and expectations about transportation are directly responsible for any limitation or obstacle we experience in physical reality. Our approach to comprehensive solutions to world problems is to first draw upon fully conceived, pre-existing conceptions in the deepest reaches of the mind, followed by the integration of such conceptions with laws and presumptions prevalent in the particular time and place they appear in the world. Therefore, our vision of the future of transportation is one in which many of the problems we now seek to mitigate such as pollution, congestion, accidents, and unsustainability, may be spontaneously resolved through the discovery of new laws, resources, and plans that will enlighten humanity to a radically fresh perspective.

Radical global change is possible for mass transportation. Imagine a world in which intelligent, automated transport systems eliminate the need for private licenses, carrying passengers of all ages in driverless pods to their destinations, completely free of stress or accidents. We are already seeing the appearance of self-illuminating highways in countries such as the Netherlands, which charge from sunlight during the day and glow at night. High-speed, frictionless, silent movement across great distances can also be a reality. Living in a world completely free of pollution with all the freedoms we now enjoy and more is not only a possibility but an inevitability – when we understand the greatest innovations are not built on the limitations and presumptions of the past or the apparently insurmountable obstacles of the present. Innovation begins in the very mind that is creating the body, brain, and its experience, from moment to moment. Tapping into this infinite resource, through practice of our way of life, we grow closer every day, with each moment, to the surprising realization that we have created our limitations with our own “hands” so that we might enjoy the discovery of a way around them.

Core Concepts for Global Change in this Area

  • People will not feel deprived of their freedom if they cannot control their transportation
  • Speed and excitement as a travel experience is possible without fossil fuel
  • We already have sufficient resources and funds at our disposal to transform our transport infrastructure
  • Our ability to travel long distances at low cost will increase exponentially without fossil fuels
  • Powerful people with controlling interests in natural resources do not control the future of transport
  • Governments at all levels in society are willing and able to act in harmony with the needs of humanity
  • Energy can be both created and destroyed (see the discussion on Infinite Energy)
  • Distance traveled is not necessarily proportional to velocity

Global Change in ArchitectureArchitecture

Over the past 200 years, the number of people living in cities has steadily risen from 3% to well over 50%. This number is expected to rise to over 70% by 2050, given current trends in population and migration. It is clear that the heartbeat of the world’s economy is, indeed, in urban areas. Over time, due to the rapid pace of industrial and technological development, we have become alienated from nature. As a result, our overall psychic sensitivity to each other and our environment has declined. Modern humans are increasingly oriented to materialistic pleasures and engagement of even social interaction via the interfaces of computers and mobile devices. We have become divorced from nature and from each other, living in our self-constructed environments of industrial and technological efficiency. Though we are beginning to see meaningful attempts to re-connect with the natural environment in our urban centers, commercial viability is still the primary motivating factor in most new building efforts.

An increasing number of individuals and organizations are adopting the belief that truly sustainable architecture is, in reality, no architecture (i.e. no further building). This appears, however, to be more of a reaction to the commercial incentives of modern architecture, forgetting that even though construction consumes resources, it can also give back to the environment. Our vision of the future of architecture is one in which we adaptively reuse and renovate existing structures to integrate with their environments more seamlessly and cooperatively. Further, new construction can be focused on the merging of gardens, farms, parks, and other oxygen producing ecosystems with places of human habitation and business. Such structures will be decreasingly dependent on non-renewable energy sources, and we will see the emergence of structures that expand vertically, upward into the sky (while mitigating changes in magnetic fields) and downward into the earth or below the oceans. In this way, we will minimize the consumption of land while still supporting an increase in population.

Ultimately, the greatest global change and innovation in architecture will come from the deeper realizations of creative design conceived through a transcendental comprehension of spatial geometry. Our conceptions of space and how it can be used to support and increase the quality of both human and animal life will expand beyond our current limitations and expectations relative to the nature of reality. As with our vision in the area of ecological sustainability, our perceptions of architecture will flow from a holistic comprehension of how solutions from all areas of humanity co-exist, integrate, and collaborate. To realize this vision, we must ensure that plans for the future are supported by a deep and intentional practice of our way of life. The more Master-Teachers that are engaged in the fusion of conscious awakening and problem resolution, the greater will our successes be in all areas of life. 

Core Concepts for Global Change in this Area

  • All new building must have an inherently positive environmental impact
  • Architecture, as the artistic or aesthetic pursuit of an individual, must be transcended
  • Required building resources may be entirely sourced from the local environment or community
  • Building vertically is a sustainable practice only with a thorough understanding of the biologic effects of magnetism
  • Investments in zero-energy home building will be increasingly easy to recover on resale
  • Requirements of local inhabitants are senior to universal principles of design
  • Technologically sound design is of higher priority than sustainability
  • Government mandates and certifying bodies are not the most effective way to enforce green standards

Global Change in Population and MigrationPopulation and Migration

There is perhaps nothing that touches the depths of human fear and suffering more thoroughly than the perception of stark scarcity. In many ways, most fears have their roots in the belief that we live in an inherently cold and brutal world, devoid of the capability to provide us with our every need. As we look out into the varied landscape of humanity, we see a picture of mass starvation, limited natural resources, depleted ecosystems, the extinction of species, epidemics, potential pandemics, increasing crime and violence, and the gradual deterioration of water and air quality the world over. Recent statistics show that 80% of the world’s population lives on less than $10 per day, yet the majority of people that live in developing countries aspire to attain the quality of life enjoyed by the upper 20%; a select group of world citizens which, consequently, is in possession of 75% of the world’s income. 

Perceptions of scarcity and overpopulation go hand in hand. It follows ordinary human logic to assume that there are a limited number of natural resources, an increasing number of human beings around the globe, and unrealistic personal aspirations to live in abundance. As students of our way of life are intimately familiar, however, our perceptions and experience of the world in time and space are, in reality, a direct and tangible manifestation of our collective psyche. Such a tenet does not downplay the reality and horror of human experience in the arena of life on planet Earth. On the contrary, we embrace entire personal and collective responsibility for the world’s state of being and understand that the only correct approach to resolving its problems is by uprooting the false beliefs, misperceptions, and personal illusions that perpetuate them (and give them life).

Our vision of global change for the world’s population and intercultural migration patterns is one that goes beyond the fearful mitigating strategies that humanity has adopted. We believe that it is ultimately futile and self-defeating to attempt to control world population through the implementation of birth regulations, education, or empowerment. These are necessary approaches in dire circumstances, yet they do not lead to a comprehensive and meaningful release from the nightmare we face. Our nightmare is self-created and, as such, the only final and lasting answer is to be released of the fear of scarcity and affirm abundance, joy, and happiness for everyone, throughout all time and space. As we continue to channel resources to those most in need, we must not presume (and thus reinforce) their limitation. Every living being is, to one degree or another, lost in the false presumption that they are nothing more than the fragile, vulnerable bodies through which they experience life. We choose not to embrace this presumption, instead only supporting fullness, wholeness, and freedom from fear. As the realization of this reality spreads throughout humanity, our external perceptions and experiences of lack, scarcity, and limitation will gradually resolve into a new, awakened acknowledgement of our True Identity and inherent abundance.

Core Concepts for Global Change in this Area

  • Our ability to sustain a high standard of living for all human beings is not limited by the availability of known resources
  • The carrying capacity of planet Earth is far greater than we presently presume
  • Individuals born into abject poverty have the power and potential to change their condition
  • Humanity should be able to thrive entirely without reliance on wood and fossil fuel as primary raw materials
  • Loss of land arability and desertification are reversible conditions
  • Once a species has become extinct, its ecological function may be replaced or substituted
  • Illness and disease can potentially be under our complete control
  • Crime and warfare do not have to be inevitable results of money and resource scarcity
  • The size of human population does not necessarily dictate an increase of pollution in our environment
  • Opportunities for growth and advancement should exist in all societies without exception
  • People in low-income countries are not necessarily bound to areas vulnerable to environmental change

Global Change in Clean Air and WaterClean Air and Water

Air and water are the most basic requirements for healthy human, animal, and plant life. Their cleanliness is quickly becoming a major problem in not only highly populated urban areas, but in low-population zones such as our farms, wildlife preserves, parks, and all major and minor lakes, rivers, and seas. The factors contributing to deterioration in air and water quality are numerous: manufacturing facilities, power plants, biomass burning, landfills, motor vehicles and aircraft, chemicals and fumes, toxic gases, and nuclear weapons, to name just a few. Developing countries are especially at risk due to their increased rate of industrialization and the lack of resources to implement effective mitigation strategies. As a result, we are seeing an expansion worldwide in incidents of respiratory infection, allergies, asthma, heart disease, and cancer.

Although there have been widespread global efforts to mitigate air and water pollution using control systems, devices, and regulation, we are still not addressing the source and root cause of our pollution problems: humanity relies heavily on the creation and use of man-made, inorganic products and the largely non-disposable wastes that result from them. If our efforts to improve air and water quality are going to be effective, long-term, we are going to have to coordinate the reduction of inorganic resources in our supply and demand stream in parallel with comprehensive mitigation strategies. Natural sources of pollution, while playing a role in the overall cycle of pollution, do not contribute as significantly as inorganic substances, as evidence of greater quality of air and water less than a century ago in most suburban areas across the globe. 

We envision an incrementally elevated awareness in global cultures of the need to attain sustainability at all levels of our society and planetary ecosystem. Global change in this area will include solutions that focus on providing the majority of humans with a high standard of living while depending, in as many ways as possible, on natural, organic sources of raw material. We will further observe processing practices that emit little to no pathogens, chemicals, or fumes into our air and water. There will be an ever-growing consciousness of the integrity and interconnectedness of all areas of humanity. From this consciousness will spring synergistic solutions and innovations that merge insights on human health, energy consumption and renewal, ecology, transportation, building, and urban expansion. In this way, we will no longer be approaching problems exclusively in their domain of influence and its corollaries, but rather viewing issues from a holistic perspective. Students of our way of life, as with all other domains of influence, understand that levels of pollution and their related diseases are not only the result of bad decisions in the past, but those decisions themselves are reflections of our deepest thought activity, beyond the realm of physical manifestation. For fundamental requirements such as air and water to be impure, we must first have assumed our impurity in the mind. This is as much the secret of environmental healing as it is for any other area in which we are active.

Core Concepts for Global Change in this Area

  • Unrecyclable waste and resulting landfills are open for transformation and reuse
  • Human illness is not inextricably linked to the health of the environment in which they live
  • Planet Earth, as an entity, is far more conscious and intelligent than all humanity combined
  • Metrics derived from trend analysis are not dependable indicators of our future
  • Modern science is not the only mechanism for discovering solutions to our environmental challenges
  • Fresh water may be a renewable and infinite natural resource, independent of the water cycle
  • Damage to the environment caused by air pollution is ultimately reversible
  • Mental illness causes environmental problems, not the other way around

Global Change in AgricultureAgriculture

Production of food, clothes, building materials, and medicines through the controlled cultivation of life forms has been practiced by human civilization for thousands of years. Up until the Industrial Revolution, it was the primary form of labor for most human beings. As our population has grown and realized increasing freedom of transport, global markets have developed along with increasing demands for agricultural yields. Innovations in breeding, agrochemicals, and farming technology has done well in meeting most of this demand, but third world and developing countries still experience shortages in supply. As we race to meet the needs of an ever increasing human population, we are seeing ever growing problems in the effects of our methods on global ecology and health. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides continue to be in high use, damaging the long-term fertility of our soils and, ultimately, the nutritional quality of our foods. As the planet’s ecology changes, results in weather systems and climate can also be seen, making traditional farming increasingly problematic and risk prone. Even with organic methods and environmentally aware farming practices, there is growing concern around the globe for the sustainability of agriculture and its ability to keep up with our population’s demands.

Many sources can confirm that our global supply of water and land is insufficient to keep up with current farming practices. Interest groups are pushing for the adoption of a schema of ecosystem evaluation, whereby the rights and needs of human beings would be balanced against environmental tradeoffs. Such a schema will inevitably lead to issues with inequality, as wealthier societies reappropriate resources according to their means. Further, this approach, similar to other domains of human activity, is based on a presumed sense of universal lack, both in the availability of resources and in the possibilities for comprehensive transformation and re-configuration. Systematic analysis and planning have served their purposes in human history. Our Society marks the beginning of a radically new approach to assessing problems not in their observed results but at their root, in the form of our misperceptions and false beliefs.

Our vision of global change in the area of agriculture is one in which every basic human need is addressed with minimal to no damage to our global ecosystem or personal health. We will see great advancements in the ways that cultivation will be handled, especially within our highly developed urban areas. Greenery will be increasingly integrated into the urban landscape, both on the tops of existing buildings and within vertical structures exclusively devoted to farming. There will be a decreasing dependency on globally-sourced products, with communities enjoying easy and efficient access to their crops. Further, the entire supply chain will be re-engineered and increasingly automated with the consumer in mind, such that demand can be predicted with great accuracy. Efficiencies will be achieved via the integration of smart technologies that collect consumer preferences, data, and buying patterns, mitigating excessive misuse of transport and storage. We will find ways to merge our recyclables into our agricultural practices and encourage re-use and sustainability at all levels of our consumption stream. Most importantly, however, will be our deepening awareness and connection to the creative source of conscious mind, such that our patterns of serialized, scientific analysis of problems will give way to a higher, multi-dimensional comprehension of the effects of our agricultural practices through the entire chain of causation across all domains of humanity.

Core Concepts for Global Change in this Area

  • Natural methods of fertilization and pest prevention can potentially be more effective than synthetic methods
  • High-yield farming does not necessarily require strict systems of control
  • Biofuel as a sustainable energy source can be implemented with minimal impact on agricultural resources
  • Vertical farming may be an economically viable option for developing countries
  • Fresh water may be a renewable and infinite natural resource, independent of the water cycle
  • Loss of biological diversity is reversible
  • Providing food to impoverished nations is not a longterm strategy for solving world hunger
  • Solutions for world hunger do not necessarily depend on politics
  • Agriculture is not limited to the availability of land

Global Change in Urban Planning and DesignUrban Planning and Design

The domain of urban planning and development, in modern times, is inextricably linked to ecology and sustainability. Just 100 years ago, only 20% of the global population lived in cities. Today, this number has increased to over 50% and is expected to reach 70% as soon as 2050. Fortunately, less than 10% of urban dwellers live in megacities. Nonetheless, sustainable urban planning and design will be indispensable in providing consistent standards of living for human beings around the globe. The majority of cities in the world are still limited, in many ways, by their industrial origins and to this day, even new urban expansion efforts are inseparable from a dependence on automobiles. Urban sprawl continues to pose problems for housing affordability. Public transport, walking, and cycling are sidelined by roads and highways. There is a growing understanding the world over of our dire need for comprehensive reforms in the way we conceive our future communities and modes of living and working.

Though urban planning and development are primarily technical and political processes, there is still much value that independent visionaries and their organizations can provide to the world via the creation of standards, innovative technologies, and integrated collaboration across all domains of sustainability. We are already beginning to see privately designed, government funded development projects such as Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, which will rely entirely on renewable energy sources. Such cities will be designed with zero-carbon, zero-waste ecologies and entirely free of cars. These efforts are undoubtedly inspiring but are extraordinarily expensive to realize, making the need to retrofit existing cities a greater immediate concern.

Our vision of global change in the area of urban planning and design is one filled with an ever-growing integration of nature and city environments. We believe that our global cultural heritage should and must be maintained through the preservation and innovative re-use of existing historical structures. Further, we will see tighter integration of urban and suburban territories, maximizing efficiencies in resource harvesting and distribution via smart technologies. Improving the quality of life for urban dwellers will be of utmost priority as we decrease dependence on automobiles and foster environments that are both natural and walkable. We envision a growing public transportation network that utilizes clean, renewable energy and provides easy and expedient access to suburban developments without the side effects of traffic congestion and pollution to the environment. Masters-Teachers of our Society active in this domain will collaborate with existing organizations and government entities to encourage the application of technological innovation via a holistic approach to planning and design. They will conceive of the means by which we can retrofit our existing infrastructure while also investing in sustainable expansion.

Core Concepts for Global Change in this Area

  • World government debt should not dissuade investment in urban re-design or retrofitting
  • Living in highly populated urban areas will be desirable due to a radical decrease in congestion and pollution
  • There are abundant, viable alternatives to the personal automobile that offer the same level of freedom
  • Suburban territories and farmlands must be fully integrated with urban areas
  • Places of business and residence may be increasingly mixed
  • Optimal urban planning requires consistent input and feedback from the public
  • Slums do not need to be an inevitable side effect of urban expansion
  • Urban expansion is not limited to available land
  • A mobile or home-based workforce can potentially increase business productivity and efficiency

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