Discover Your DNA Blueprint

Using existing data from all major DNA testing services, we analyze over 20,000 genes and hundreds of biological pathways to discover the areas of your genome that could have the greatest impact on your health and longevity.

Take Control of Your Biology

By gaining deep knowledge of the psychological and physiological factors that make you unique, you will not only achieve the greatest mental and physical health of your life but also transcend your limitations to degrees you could never have imagined possible.

Mastery of Body and Mind

Leverage insights about your genes and biology to implement actionable strategies for body and mind enhancement. You will build on a foundation of optimal health to gain access to advanced levels of perception, cognitive agility, superior executive function, and presence that culminates in new, broadly innovative designs for your life and beyond.

Your health is no longer a guessing game

Using data for human genes, biomedical disease pathologies and symptomatology, cognitive neuroscience, and multidisciplinary psychology, Transcend Genomics offers a comprehensive protocol for radically optimized health and cognitive enhancement. Individuals around the globe from all walks of life have used our protocol to  gain deep knowledge of their personal psycho-biological “template”. With this knowledge, they have achieved the greatest mental and physical health of their life, transcending their limitations to degrees they never imagined possible.

The Big Problem with Modern MedicineProblem with Modern Medicine

At this time, the incidence of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and arthritis is on a steep rise. In 1980, the worldwide prevalence of diabetes among adults over 18 years of age was at 4.7%. In 2014, that number almost doubled to 8.5%1 and is expected to be the 7th leading cause of death by 20302.

Even more disturbing are the latest statistics for the neurodegenerative diseases of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, ALS and more. In 2020, an estimated 50 million people worldwide are living with dementia, and this number is expected to double every 20 years, particularly in developed countries. It is predicted that by 2030, 75 million people will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s around the globe, and this number will jump to 132 million by 20503. In the US alone, that will amount to over 50% of people over the age of 65 with Alzheimer’s!

Modern medicine, practiced by the majority of doctors, osteopaths, and other university-trained specialists, is not coming up with answers for these devastating diseases. On the contrary. The incidence of medical malpractice is also on the rise, accounting for 10% of all deaths per year in the US4. Unfortunately, this statistic does not include a comprehensive analysis of pharmacological interventions, as the cascade of metabolic problems that multiple drugs incur is an extremely complex dynamic which even the greatest minds in medicine do not understand.

million people with dementia

million new dementia cases per year

million people with diabetes

million deaths per year from cardiovascular disease

Genomics RevolutionThe Genomics Revolution

In April 14, 2003, the successful completion of the Human Genome Project was announced by the National Human Genome Research Institute and its partners. This was the world’s largest collaborative project to date, providing us with a complete sequence of the chemical base pairs in human DNA. Further, the project identified and mapped all genes in the human genome from both a physical and functional standpoint.

Since that time, medical researchers have been hard at work correlating global incidence of disease with specific mutations (i.e. variations) at different positions in the genome. These mutations are most frequently referred to as SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), and they hold the key to understanding each individuals risks for not only chronic diseases but also personal behavior and psychology. Though we have only begun to scratch the surface in understanding the role human gene expression plays in disease and chronic illness, most of the major metabolic pathways of the human body have been mapped to their corresponding genetic origins, and for the first time in history, we have the power to implement truly preventative medicine.

The Future is NowThe Future is Now

Today, your personal DNA can be sequenced using services such as 23andMe, Gene by Gene, or Ancestry DNA for as little as $99 dollars, giving you access to your personal genome with its most significant traits and mutations. Using this data, we can not only infer which genes have been epigentically “activated” to cause conditions or symptoms you currently suffer from but we can also predict which conditions are more likely to occur in the future. Using our patent-pending BiopathFX methodology, genomic SNPs, insertions, deletions, transcription regulators, and more are used to model all proteins and their interactions throughout your body and brain.

Though various blood and urine tests are still required to gauge your current health, genetic data can be used to target that testing and increase the probability of finding the root cause for current and future illnesses. Further, knowing the genetic template that builds your brain and its neurotransmitters, we can explain and resolve neurological issues such as brain fog, cognitive decline, mood disorders, and more – with greater accuracy and efficacy than ever before possible. This also opens the door to preventing or significantly slowing down progressive neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

The Promise of Technology

Modern medicine’s current paradigm for patient care relies on the segmentation of bodily systems into “specializations”. For good reason, it was long ago determined that the complexity of the human body could not be understood, in depth, by a single human being. This gave rise to the implementation of niche medicine that focuses on the various systems, including cardiovascular, neurological, endocrine, musculoskeletal, etc. For as many systems and parts there are in the human body there are an equal or greater number of niche specialists. Why is this a problem? Because your body is an undivided whole!

Your Genome Holds the Key

As our knowledge of the human genome deepens, it is becoming increasingly obvious how the human body is less of a collection of systems and more a single, harmonious, undivided whole. Every system has an effect on every other system. Though functional medical methodologies have addressed the need for a comprehensive, integrative approach to treating disease and cognitive decline, modern medical health practitioners are still limited to the subset of their personal and collective knowledge and research which will always be a step behind the curve.

How do we go beyond the limitations of human knowledge to see the big picture with unprecedented clarity and precision?   The answer is simple: 

Apply the Latest Advances in Data Science

Data ScienceTranscend Genomics was founded on the principle that human beings are not limited to their experiences or knowledge, either individually or in groups. By applying the latest available data science technologies, we are leveraging information contained in vast volumes of data to gain actionable insights — insights that can address your personal psycho-physical issues, needs, and goals in ways never before imagined. What would have taken years of research can now be performed in a matter of minutes or even seconds with advanced  algorithms.

We have compiled a extensive array of information from around the globe in the areas of human genomics, disease and symptomatology, pharmacological properties of drugs, food, and supplements, clinically proven lifestyle interventions, and cutting-edge research in cognitive neuroscience. By combining, integrating, and analyzing these data sources together, we offer our clients extremely thorough, concise, and effective knowledge about not only their biological template but also psychological and mental composition. With this knowledge, you will open the door to realizing the best physical and mental health of your life. 

Superhuman Potential

Uncover Your Superhuman Potential

You can easily imagine what it feels like to be in optimal health. Either you currently experience vitality, motivation, and inspiration on a daily basis or at least remember a time in your life, perhaps as early as childhood or adolescence, when these qualities were present.

Unfortunately, you may also be one of the people in this world who was dealt an “unfair card”, suffering since childhood from depression, anxiety, or various states of mental or physical illness. Regardless of your present or past condition and experience, know that you can always go further, realize more, increase your intelligence, and achieve levels of performance beyond the limitations you perceive. You can even reverse chronic illness, repair brain damage, and restore cellular function to levels not experienced since youth!

The truth of the matter is that few people know what optimal health and cognition feels like. What many of us call “feeling good” is nothing more than being able to make it through the day without any major crashes. While some can achieve this with exercise and diet, others often resort to stimulants like coffee, nicotine, or even illicit drugs. On the other side of the spectrum are the “bio-hacking” community that experiment with nootropic drugs and supplements in order to enhance cognition and performance. In all cases, the key component to a successful protocol is missing – a deep, comprehensive understanding of one’s genes, biochemical processes, and epigenetic risk factors.

The Real Meaning of “Superhuman”

“Superhuman potential” is a phrase that is commonly and casually thrown around in social circles, especially on the internet via sites that promote self-improvement, self-diagnosis, and self-help. Our definition is entirely different. Transcend Genomics defines superhuman potential as follows:

Radical transcendence of


  1. The subjective understanding and experience of one’s capabilities from the past.
  2. The present presumptions of what is possible through comparison to others in society.
  3. All other constraints that limit or define one’s capabilities, including physical illness.

Simply stated, your assessment of what you are capable of or what level of psycho-physical performance you can achieve is subconsciously limited by the collective sum of all your experiences, past, present, and future, combined with your body and brain’s level of health. Even your idea about what you can achieve is heavily influenced by the  opinions of intelligent, charismatic professionals, experts, teachers, friends, and colleagues. Further, the media we absorb through an ever-increasing variety of sources can play heavily into our subjective opinions about ourselves and our capabilities.

For the first time in history, we have reached a critical point of maturity in cognitive neuroscience and genomics allowing for a broader, less restrictive view of the potential of the human body and, by extension, the mind. What the average human being is capable of today, in terms of sheer cognitive ability, is drastically different than what we will see 10, 20, and especially 50+ years from now as science and medicine evolve exponentially.

Access to medical information, especially genetic data, is ubiquitous and freely available. There seems to be no end to the number of sites and services appearing that offer interpretations of this data with recommendations for diet, supplementation, lifestyle, and more. The essential problem is that many of these sites and services are still approaching their interpretations from the point of view of a very linear analysis of data. Even Promethease, the most comprehensive tool for analyzing 23andMe DNA data, offers nothing more than a basic cross-reference between genetic mutations and diseases, leaving the question of how to implement the information in real life up to the interpreter. In most cases, that interpreter is an ordinary individual looking for a solution to chronic issues that doctors have been unable to resolve.

BiopathFx™ - The Key to Optimal Health

We have designed a program, from the bottom up, that offers a completely different approach to interpreting your personal health data. Instead of connecting you to a “fire hose” of information with random, isolated recommendations for resolving issues with genetic mutations (SNPs), we have formulated a much broader and comprehensive process that analyzes, in depth, your personal health history. By tying this data  together with your genes, lifestyle, diet, and goals, we empower clients with the information required to radically improve health and cognition.