Terms and Conditions

The World Visionary Society, L C employs neither licensed doctors nor medical specialists. Our services are for informational purposes only and are not intended to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified doctor, physician’s-assistant, nurse practitioner, chiropractor, nutritionist, or dietician.

Though we encourage you to make your own health care decisions in collaboration with a qualified medical professional, we also stand behind the value, depth, and breadth of scientific and medical data provided through our services. Nevertheless, the World Visionary Society, L C will not be held liable for any personal loss or damages that occur as a result of implementing changes in diet, supplementation, or lifestyle as part of the Transcend Genomics program. It will be our mutual expectation that any and all advice you will obtain through this program and / or one-on-one consulting with our counsellors will be properly reviewed and assessed by your medical provider of choice.

Only a highly competent medical specialist is qualified to diagnose disease. Unfortunately, such specialists frequently have a limited perspective on the full range of treatment options available. It is our desire to enable you as an individual with the widest spectrum of information possible, saving you countless hours, months, and even years of research that can take precious time away from your life. Time is a commodity that few people have, especially those suffering from chronic diseases.

Through your work with the World Visionary Society and one-on-one consulting with our counsellors, you will gain deep insight into your genetic template and grow in your understanding of how your genetic mutations play into both your physical and mental health. Much of the information you will uncover will be foreign to the general medical practitioner. In many cases, you may be aggressively opposed and possibly even bullied into taking a more traditional approach to health and wellness that will likely include expensive and dangerous pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about the current paradigms in modern medicine. It is our goal, above all else, to help you see the forest from the trees and take your health and wellness back into your own hands.

Ultimately, there are no guarantees in life. Any number of decisions, both personal and medical, could potentially harm or kill you. As stated in the Transcend Genomics program overview, medical malpractice accounts for 10% of all deaths per year. Clearly, our healthcare system is flawed and it is entirely up to you to do everything in your power to become educated and knowledgeable in health, genetics, and the medical sciences. Not everyone will have the time or finances to pursue a medical degree, but this does not mean the core information required to understand your challenges is not available and accessible. Our services involve getting this information to you quickly and efficiently and in a format that you can easily interpret and act upon.

That said, all information provided on this website, our published literature, the Transcend Genomics program, and in the course of one-one-one consultation with our counsellors is explicitly and only for your education and informational purposes. This information should not be construed as medical advice, and neither the World Visionary Society, L C nor any of our counsellors claim the ability or the legal right to diagnose or treat any illness, metabolic disorder, disease, or other health problems. Your participation in the Transcend Genomics program is solely your own personal choice and you agree to take on all risks and liabilities associated with it.

Given the nature of the program and the extreme demands of time and resources required to provide value to clients, refunds will not be issued, without exception. All sales are final.

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