Our Desperate Need for Visionary Leaders

by | Nov 9, 2016

Very few people can wake up in the morning, consume their daily ration of news, and start their day thinking, “There is so much right with the world! I’m so deeply happy to be a part of the human race!” Now, I am sure there are more than a fair share of individuals that actually make such affirmations, using every last drop of optimism and positive intentions to feel a world at peace. There is no doubt that life’s challenges are more easily approached with a stable mind and emotional balance. Nonetheless, simply putting out “feel-good vibes” during a time of obvious global crisis is on par with what our good old friend, the ostrich, has typically done when in the presence of a threat (by putting his head in the sand).

The truth of the matter is that most people you encounter each day are suffering from the same exact problem: silent desperation and, in most cases, a near-heroic effort to remain distracted by work, hobbies, exercise, or other means of physical and emotional manipulation. The most successful and hard-working individuals are the most adept of all. They are consummate masters of reality filtration, to the exclusion of all negative or distracting influences. And because our society has become absolutely disconnected from both our individual and collective subconscious, this game appears to work quite well – until, of course, some form of personal discomfort, disease, or trauma appears due to a denial of the deeper aspect of the psyche to be exposed and purified. Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of people that have completely lost their ability to cope with the state of the world, falling into destructive behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse, exaggerated exploitation of sex, and an increasing attraction to violence and aggression.

Humanity Lives in Unreality

You see, this world is in chaos and despair because the majority of humanity, at all levels of society, is also in a state of personal chaos and despair. Thoughts and emotions that would likely dissipate for a person living in relative isolation are instead, for the average internet-connected urban dweller, reinforced by mass communication. No longer are the trials and tribulations of people around the planet sequestered to a particular state, country, or culture. Now, as soon as a traumatic event occurs, regardless of what corner of the planet, you are going to know about it. It doesn’t matter if someone is being murdered a few blocks away or on the other side of the globe, despair flies swiftly across our ever-increasingly connected information network. Unless you unplug completely, you cannot get out from under the weight of negative news.

The problem, however, is much deeper than a global tendency toward shocking events. In reality, our world’s disease moves from the inside out. Because we are already lost in a vicious circle of cause and effect, it is difficult to perceive exactly where problems begin. Our very perception of problems, from the personal to the global, is entrenched in an extremely unfortunate misunderstanding – we believe, with unshakable certainty, that the flow of events in the world are largely out of our control. There is an unspoken presumption, at every echelon of society, that we are subject to the cruel injustices of chance in the realm of nature and the human interactions that spring from it. While there are people of great faith that believe in a higher power, the general mood of humanity at this moment in time, even among the faithful, is one of suspicion and quiet desperation. We don’t want to admit it whole-heartedly, but we secretly believe that we are adrift in an ocean of possibilities that tend to lead to disappointment, suffering and pain. At every turn, there is someone shouting out a warning of impending collapse, darkness, and further troubles. But is this an accurate assessment of reality? What exactly IS reality?

Although it may seem obvious to the average person, reality – at its core – is a contract. This contract exists between all participants in a given time and place and, through elaborate rituals of physical, emotional, and psychological indoctrination, is perpetuated indefinitely. Once the momentum of time gets behind this contract, it becomes self-reinforcing. What originally was the perception and experience of an individual or small group of people becomes, through repetition, a social expectation. We all agree that everyone is born and dies. No one will argue with you that human life is fragile, challenging, and full of never-ending wants and desires. War and political conflict? We say it’s unavoidable due to the inherent selfishness of humans, a global limitation of available natural resources, and our ever-increasing desire for pleasure (which many call happiness).

What I want to convey to you is simple: nothing — absolutely nothing, from the laws of physical science to the abstract notion of spirituality, is real. That is, it is not reality. All ideas and beliefs that come out of the human condition are overshadowed and informed by that very condition. As a result, our dreams and visions for the future are constantly limited by what has come before, and the machine of consensus reality plows forward, making the possibility for radical change in the world and the universe at large impossible as long as we are mesmerized by our own blindness.

“So what?” you might say. “We have to do the best we can with the limitations before us.” You see, this type of thinking leads inevitably to pain and suffering at every level of society. We have many visionaries and big-hearted humanitarians in the world throwing everything they have at the planet’s biggest challenges. I do not wish to underestimate or downplay the vital, influential role such efforts have on the overall human experience. Nonetheless, I must call out the bigger issue at hand – the problem of the masses feeling stripped of their power to create change and a widespread belief in the inevitability of mediocrity. Many who will read these words will think, “What could I possibly do to make a profound and lasting change in this world? Everything is in such disarray, and it only seems to be getting worse by the day.”

If there is nothing else you understand, you must see and believe that every person, regardless of their place of birth, race, genetics, presumptions, or personal and social limitations, is capable of radically changing the very fabric of our perceived reality. Our world is in chaos because the individual is in chaos. For this reason, there is a great need for everyone everywhere to awaken to a greater reality and gradually undermine the underpinnings of despair and suffering that are having their way with humanity in this era.

Our World Needs Visionary Leaders

Our planet, at this moment in time, is comprised of multiple, hierarchical socio-political pyramids. Every country in the world has one form or another of centralized leadership that gradually broadens across socially accepted lines of responsibility until it reaches the common citizen. This structure, in and of itself, is not a problem. The problem lies in a fundamental lack of emotional and psychological maturity and, by extension, wisdom at all levels of this hierarchy.

Most societies have done well in providing humans with the necessary learning to handle basic life challenges encountered in day-to-day life. Unfortunately, our systems of learning have at best haphazardly handled the need for a connection with our ancient roots – the roots of the subconscious. As we passed through the industrial revolution and into the computer age, we became increasingly stripped of our connection to the larger part of the human experience and all the while more focused on the bodily five senses and enhanced cognitive development. The average modern individual, regardless of origin, can eat, sleep, and pay bills yet must swim through a vast ocean of information, relationships, and experiences to find something deeper. More often than not, there simply isn’t time for deep reflection, and this individual becomes what can only be described as a semi-functional biological robot. It is precisely this physically and emotionally chaotic package of biological and cognitive functions that becomes a leader in our society. This is also precisely why our world is in turmoil. How can our leaders guide us to a future free of conflict when they, themselves, are making decisions based on rules, paradigms, and other artifacts of a cognitive mind that has been cut off from the wealth of knowledge that lies in our collective subconscious?

Our current global leaders (not only at the top of the hierarchy but down through all the levels of people that have influence over the fate of the masses) are direct reflections of the general psyche of the land over which they are in control. It is not surprising that leaders are rarely in favor with the public at large. Ironically, this is because that very leader subconsciously reminds the masses of their profound lack of connection with a deeper reality. We elect presidents, prime ministers, and government officials that have been born of the very same diseased system in which we all live. Even dictators, as brutal and brazenly cruel as they can be to their people, are an emanation of a basic psychological and emotional disposition of the masses. Simply because you are deeply unhappy and even miserable with your government is in no way an indication of your personal independence from its behavior. On the contrary, everything we experience in our society, from the top to the bottom, is directly related to what we believe about reality, as a whole. But — were we to believe otherwise and commit to opening our minds to another version of reality, new forms of leadership would begin to appear.

It is exactly with this intention in mind – to form a global collective of radically awakened, visionary leaders – that the World Visionary Society was formed. If we are going to heal the world of its most pressing problems, we must begin from the bottom up. That is, we must provide individuals, at times when they most profoundly need it, the means for comprehensively purifying and optimizing all levels of the body and mind such that the realization of their greater reality (the only true reality) will become their very substance and being. Obviously, there is no shortage of means in this world for self-help, personal transformation, and healing, as is evident in the almost endless variety of books, seminars, teachers, and organizations around the globe. What we do lack, however, based on my personal experience, is a thorough, grounded, profoundly awakened approach to life that takes into consideration not only the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges of the human condition but also effectively integrates them with a powerfully transcendent realization of the true nature of human consciousness. Such an approach would not stop at personal transformation or ego transcendence, as many traditions do, but further use it to usher in a new era of planetary life where interpersonal and intercultural conflicts are eliminated as we collectively reconnect with our subconscious and materialize changes yet unimagined in our history.

The Case for a World Visionary Society

It is my direct experience and thus my deep conviction that the reality humanity accepts as solid and unchangeable, day to day, is in fact perfectly dynamic and full of infinite potential. I’m not speaking merely of our ability to invent solutions to our greatest challenges through applied science. Rather, I am referring to a radically new way of being and perceiving that would touch every human past, present, and future. Most importantly, I believe that you are a critical part of this shift in human consciousness, because you, at your greatest depth, are a visionary!

There is nothing I desire more than the materialization of a society of profoundly awakened, powerfully influential world visionaries. Truly, our visionaries are masters – masters not only of their bodies, minds, and hearts but also masters of world change. The World Visionary Society is, most fundamentally, a social experiment that aims to perfectly integrate and harmonize the abstract, infinite, and ineffable with the concrete limitations and forms of dimensional existence as elaborated by contemporary science. This is not a new age movement, a philosophical ideology, or the next iteration of useless pseudo-science. Our Society is a tidal wave of multi-dimensional information, filtered into this time and place for the purpose of turning the world and its problems on its head.

In the common language of our modern world, our Society is a refuge for those that are weary of their search for answers. Here you will find a reconciliation of inconsistencies across multiple traditions and ways of life, shedding light on mysteries about which humanity has only speculated. Ultimately, this is only an extremely superficial description of our purpose. The real secret (and great surprise) is in the wordless vision that courses through the consciousness of each one of our visionaries. It is not a secret because it is hidden, esoteric, or in any way intangible. Rather, it is a secret because you have known it all along, and only your direct encounter with it (and remembrance of it) can affirm its reality.

During your lifetime, it is my heartfelt desire that you will do at least one thing to indelibly change our planet. This is the message at the heart of our Society. I make absolutely no assumptions about your strengths and capabilities. On the contrary, I believe, at the depth of my being, that once you have uncovered who you truly are, there are literally no limitations on what you may choose to do in this world. In your True State, everyone you meet will be brought closer to the great reality in which we all exist.

Our Genomics Mission

In 2015, our Transcend Genomics project was officially launched, known at the time as the “Visionary Maker”. It was given this name initially due to the concept that mastery of body, brain and by extension, mind would enable anyone, regardless of their education, capabilities, or experience to embrace the path of a visionary. Based on the ever-evolving BiopathFX methodolgy, this mission has become increasingly oriented to advanced, holistic analysis of human genomes. By submitting data from DNA testing services such as 23andMe, Gene by Gene, Ancestry DNA or any number of whole genome sequencing (WGS) services, client genomic information is processed and analyzed using our extensive database of medical, biological, and genetic data. Based on genes, diet, lifestyle, psycho-physical history, and more, detailed protocols are being designed, customized to each individual, to address and correct weaknesses and imbalances. This sets the stage to embrace a rigorous and rewarding program of self-discovery and self-transformation that eventually leads to the opportunity to participate in other projects and initiatives operated by WVS, LC.

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